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The Lunarian Epic, Volume 4, Claire and Pem

Lydia and Charles Frenzel ( pen name L.C. Frenzel) announce the pre-publication of “Claire and Pem” on Amazon Kindle in mid-December.

In Volume 4, Claire and Pem marry and fall in love.  They enter into the pleasures of marriage and together learn more about the dangers they are to face as the Royal Couple.

Claire’s small changing of the wedding vows send ripples throughout the land. Their Wedding Day is greeted with great enthusiasm from the people, and not so great enthusiasm from certain Council members.

Pem and Claire leave the wedding festivities to begin their State visits to the Council members’ estates around Lunaria while the Council is adjoined for the summer and the council members are at home.

In their absence, Tess extends her influence to the Queen’s apartments, the King’s Brigade, and is attacked in the Royal’s private garden, a place, deep in the heart of the Palace, that should have been secured.

Their honeymoon on the Rachel Anne is an opportunity to plan with Rissa Ellender, Turlo Murten and Sage Leandra in relative seclusion. Tieben’s King Vernal Hushara and the Lunarian Council are seeking to form a monopoly that would create higher prices through artificial scarcity and tight government controls. The control the people have over the Council would be diminished, if not destroyed. The Monarchy, who represents the will of the people, is threatened.

Rissa and Turlo leave to undertake their own hazardous adventures in Tieben to strengthen Turlo’s claim as heir to the throne of Tieben and to curtail the conspiracy of back-room deals that threatens not only the hard fought peace between the two monarchies but the trader’s existence.

After relaxing on the Southern Beaches, Pem and Claire face an attack on the Rachael Ann.  Is no place safe?

Arriving in Ranaputkin, Pem and Claire’s official visits begin with the Ranapuis and Putkins who occupy two of the Council seats. There is time to relax. Slowly they learn more about who supports them and who is hostile.

Who is with them, and who is not?

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Finally Published “Governor Lydia – A Mellow Rose from Texas”

Charles and Lydia Frenzel finished a long-term project of over 10 years. Frenzel published “Governor Lydia – A Mellow Rose from Texas”  in print and eformat.  This is one-fourth of the story of Rotary adventures as seen from Charles’, the partner’s, viewpoint. Charles kept a dairy of the Rotary years and ended with about 1000 pages.  This has been trimmed to 500 pages.  He waited for Lydia to “fill in” from my viewpoint, so we would have the “flip” side.  We each had very different journeys and experiences.

 We publish under the name “L.C. Frenzel” for Lydia and Charles Frenzel.  We have limited quantities of hard and soft cover books here at the office if you want an autographed copy.  The pricing varies from site to site ranging from  >ebook format- Amazon (with the lowest price)
>then by ordering copies from us or directly through “www.AuthorHouse.com” the just-in-time publisher,
>and finally from any Bookstore or on-line Book store (the highest price).

 Here are the ISBN numbers:  978-0-9828592-6-1(ebook);  978-1-4567-9433-0 (soft); 978-1-4567-9432-3 (hard). It helps to have ISBN numbers for reference.

 What we ask and plead for is for the reader to provide a REVIEW on fatsquirrelpublishing.com or amazon.com.

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About the Book “Governor Lydia A Mellow Rose from Texas”

Some couples are very fortunate to share a closely-knit vision of life that merges creative and personal interests into one undivided whole. Governor Lydia is a personal portrait of how a shared life can extend to include a larger vision of the world.

In 1997, Lydia became one of the first 50 women District Governors for Rotary International®.  In a region with mostly isolated small communities, Lydia and Charles Frenzel describe their experience as “scrambling to help the people face Change.”

At a time in which the American people are pounded continuously with a media blitz advocating isolation, fear, and a me-first attitude, service clubs, like Lions® , Soroptimist®, Kiwanis®, and Rotary® are providing solutions and removing obstacles in community life.  The members of service clubs contribute daily random acts of kindness to the people of small villages and large cities over the world.

All service clubs open vistas and opportunities to serve your village, region, state, country, and the world’s people. Lydia and Charles write about their adventures with compassionate people struggling with the discovery of how ordinary people, each giving a little of their time and resources, can organize to achieve extraordinary assistance.

As the tag-a-long, Charles describes the non-traditional role of the male Next of Kin, partner, spouse, or significant other.

Often, the glue that bonds two people together boils down to answering simple questions. Charles faced the question “Why would you want to be the husband of a headstrong, independent female?”  Lydia faced the question “Why would you want to be a Rotarian in a man’s world?” These are not untypical questions that all people face. Some of the personal answers to these questions are found in Governor Lydia.

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