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Finally Published “Governor Lydia – A Mellow Rose from Texas”

Charles and Lydia Frenzel finished a long-term project of over 10 years. Frenzel published “Governor Lydia – A Mellow Rose from Texas”  in print and eformat.  This is one-fourth of the story of Rotary adventures as seen from Charles’, the partner’s, viewpoint. Charles kept a dairy of the Rotary years and ended with about 1000 pages.  This has been trimmed to 500 pages.  He waited for Lydia to “fill in” from my viewpoint, so we would have the “flip” side.  We each had very different journeys and experiences.

 We publish under the name “L.C. Frenzel” for Lydia and Charles Frenzel.  We have limited quantities of hard and soft cover books here at the office if you want an autographed copy.  The pricing varies from site to site ranging from  >ebook format- Amazon (with the lowest price)
>then by ordering copies from us or directly through “www.AuthorHouse.com” the just-in-time publisher,
>and finally from any Bookstore or on-line Book store (the highest price).

 Here are the ISBN numbers:  978-0-9828592-6-1(ebook);  978-1-4567-9433-0 (soft); 978-1-4567-9432-3 (hard). It helps to have ISBN numbers for reference.

 What we ask and plead for is for the reader to provide a REVIEW on fatsquirrelpublishing.com or amazon.com.

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About the author “L.C. Frenzel”

Lydia and Charles Frenzel, writing as L.C. Frenzel, have long careers that span academia, coal mining, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and invention.  They are respected for their scientific and technical abilities and for their integrity.  In this journal, they share the caring-side of their lives.

Charles is an artist, a writer, and a scientist—pursuits requiring both left brain and right brain styles of attention.

Lydia’s global influence network advocates Holistic and Futurist views of social and economic effects in the male-dominated field of Paints and Coatings for ships, bridges, and tall buildings.

Charles and Lydia describe their legacy as the women and men that they have known, nurtured, and challenged to be the best they can be.

They had arrived at that point in their lives when the leaders of Rotary District 5190 called upon Lydiato be a Rotary District Governor. Lydia became the first woman district governor in 5190 in 1997—the third class of Rotary International District Governors that included women. They were equal to the challenge of service-club mentoring. Some communities were not ready to embrace the Changes sweeping Northern California and Nevada. She faced frightened and angry people who had seen their livelihood disappear because of these changes.  Lydia and Charles describe their experience as “scrambling to help the people and the communities face Change.”

Charles kept a daily journal describing events, individuals, town-tours, and the concerns voiced by the spouses and non-members. He was able to single out the underbelly-issues that didn’t surface during Lydia’s formal meetings with club directors. Lydia gave out big bear hugs even while scrutinizing the projects and being challenged occasionally to arm wrestling. Eventually, this was incorporated as the material for Governor Lydia.

Visit www.lydiafrenzel.com and www.charlesfrenzel.com.

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