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Chronology of Lunaria Epic

Orange Cat

Claire Ellen Fisher meets Pemburton Windover and crosses over into Lunaria. After the Battle of Tribana, Lord Gilbert Greybaird selects Tess as Claire’s companion.   X’Tlan Trader Rissa Ellendor gives Claire a matching amulet. Claire travels to Greyhaven where Sage Leandra says she is to change the world.   The Garden at Greyhaven is more than just a garden. Claire begins to use her Healer’s Sight. Pem returns to the Capitol, Lumminea, in training to become the Monarch, but asserts that Claire is his true love. A war breaks out between Tieben and Lunaria


Sword of Training Claire and Tess travel to Lumminea for the Winter Ball. Dark Sage Jallis Ruffin plots against the monarchy and Lunaria. Pem plans to announce betrothal intents to Claire. Abducted from the Winter Ball, Tess and Claire end up in Dark Tower with deposed King Cornal Hushara of Tieben, who gives Claire an object of power, the Sword of Training.In Norcross, Turlo Murten, as guide and trader, is hired to take Tess and Claire to Trapper’s Haven.

N’rat aids Claire in releasing Turlo and Tess from captivity by Captain Dread.

Pem has a nightmare where Claire is threatened by a swordsman who is running her down.


Forgotten Garden Claire, Tess, and Turlo meet Mara and Rissa Ellendor at Timbermill. Rissa and Turlo realize that they are meant for each other. Turlo reveals that he is the intended heir to the Throne of Tieben.As Pem rushes to meet them, he finds himself with a Household Prognosticator, who relates the ancient story of Prince Redhorn.

Pem and Claire, Tess and Royard, Rissa and Turlo leave on the Redclaw to return to Lumminea, when they are attacked. The band of companions separate. Turlo and Rissa are left to run the Redclaw through a burning fire on the river.

Tess meets Ayaba the Monk on their way to Darkwood. Tess awakens the One Mother, and the Dark Forest begins to change. Tess receives the gift of True Sight


Claire and Pem Claire Fisher and Pemberton Windover are married in Lumminea and fall in love. Their official reign begins as they leave on what they hope will be a perfect honeymoon with a tour of the Kingdom. On the Southern Beaches. Claire finds herself pregnant. Danger follows them to the city of Ranaputkin where sword practice proves to be more dangerous than Claire anticipates.
Rissa and Turlo While Claire and Pem are on their Royal tour, Rissa and Turlo set off with ensign N’Rat to convince Turlo’s Uncle that if Turlo Murten is confirmed as the King’s successor, then Rissa Ellendor, will consent to marry Turlo and bring the full force of the X’tlan’s Trader’s empire behind the throne. In the Dark Tower, deposed King Cornal Hushara gives the Shield of Balance to Rissa.Rissa meets with an Oracle and accepts the Warrior Sight. Turlo’s cousin, Tiela Snowborn, gives Rissa the “Golden Acorn”, a key to the Heartwood.

After meeting with Turlo’s parents and King Cornal Hushara, Rissa and Turlo are betrayed by Cornal’s security agent to Dark Sage Jallis Ruffin. Rissa and Turlo are set adrift to die in a small boat.

Twin Scepters The twins, Burton and Edward, are born to Claire and Pem. Tess and Royard have Fitz.   The three babies are inseparable.Pem, as King of Lunaria, supports programs that help the population, while the Council plot to gain complete control over the economy.

Claire, with the aid of a local Magister, begins to set up schools based on merit, not privilege.

First Councilor Torvall Garrund, spurred by the influence of Dark Sage Jallis Ruffin, sends out a warrant to arrest Queen Claire for treason.

With Gilbert’s help, Pem and Claire, Tess and Royard, flee with their three babies.

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