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Lydia Goes to a Haunted House- Volume 4

Volume 4 of Lydia of Grayfields is now published. Find it on Amazon.com  Read more on valeriedickison.com web pages.

Valerie Dickison keeps up the adventures and antics of Lydia, the cat who chose to speak.

More adventure comes to Grayfields when Lydia goes to Wildwind, a haunted house.

The tale of Lydia Goes to the Haunted House unravels when Lydia, the cat who chose to talk, finds ghosts in the basement as Annie, along with the Merry Maids, tackles the cleaning. Frank pursues his favorite pastime, hunting mice in obscure corners, and tracks down a secret treasure left behind after World War II.

Annie juggles the keeping of secrets with Lydia, the heavy lifting, and the arranging of séances, while she gently persuades Stanley that something out of the ordinary is happening at Wildwind.

Stanley investigates the accusation that Uncle Rolly is a spy.

Aunt Sophie comes to terms with her true love.

The entire family works together to unravel mysteries surrounding Uncle Rolly Polly’s Wildwind estate.

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