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The Lunarian Epic

The Lunarian Epic relates the adventures of Claire as she struggles to make her way in the strange world of Lunaria where a group of  Sages secretly struggle to keep the underlying technology of the ancient planet out of the hands of the Great Council and its political ambitions. In the first three volumes Claire has found that it is all too easy to make powerful enemies. Fortunately she has acquired powerful friends. But, are these friends merely seeking to use her in their power struggle–especially the young King who has insisted that Claire marry him. It’s hard to say no to the King.

The fourth volume in the Lunarian Epic is scheduled to be released this summer (2013). For fans of this series, don’t worry, there are plenty more adventures ahead for Claire and her companions, especially Lady Tess, who is trying to cope with a deadly palace conspiracy, and Rissa who is accompanying Turlo as he tries to gain the throne of Tieben as the rightful heir in the far north.



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  1. Lydia Frenzel says:

    We are getting close to finishing the fourth volume. More editing and re-writing yet to do.


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