Finally Published “Governor Lydia – A Mellow Rose from Texas”

Charles and Lydia Frenzel finished a long-term project of over 10 years. Frenzel published “Governor Lydia – A Mellow Rose from Texas”  in print and eformat.  This is one-fourth of the story of Rotary adventures as seen from Charles’, the partner’s, viewpoint. Charles kept a dairy of the Rotary years and ended with about 1000 pages.  This has been trimmed to 500 pages.  He waited for Lydia to “fill in” from my viewpoint, so we would have the “flip” side.  We each had very different journeys and experiences.

 We publish under the name “L.C. Frenzel” for Lydia and Charles Frenzel.  We have limited quantities of hard and soft cover books here at the office if you want an autographed copy.  The pricing varies from site to site ranging from  >ebook format- Amazon (with the lowest price)
>then by ordering copies from us or directly through “” the just-in-time publisher,
>and finally from any Bookstore or on-line Book store (the highest price).

 Here are the ISBN numbers:  978-0-9828592-6-1(ebook);  978-1-4567-9433-0 (soft); 978-1-4567-9432-3 (hard). It helps to have ISBN numbers for reference.

 What we ask and plead for is for the reader to provide a REVIEW on or

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