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Making Contact

The drive down to North Padre Island had been long and hot, even with the air conditioning running full blast. Chandler winced as the van’s engine temperature climbed another notch. He slowed down to sixty and let the red Prius pass.

“Love Bugs clogging the grill,” he explained to Napoleon who snorted in disbelief.

“Buy a Hummer,” he growled. “One with armor. They’re built for desert conditions.”

Julia glanced up from her book, leaned forward from the second row of seats, and stuck her head between Chandler and Napoleon. “I do hope we won’t need armor just to visit Snoopy’s,” she said. “I’ve heard that the student crowd gets pretty rowdy, but nothing to suggest we’d need Kevlar suits.”

“Our contact can be quite unreliable,” Napoleon said mysteriously.

“I don’t understand why we couldn’t meet at the Water Street Restaurant where the food is decent,” Chandler complained. “I particularly like the crab-stuffed flounder.”

“Hah, that flounder is overrated. Besides, our contact is coming by boat,” Napoleon explained.

Chandler glanced at his friend, Napoleon, and wondered what was going on in the man’s head. Some memory from the military, he speculated. Probably from the war.

“In the delta, you learned not to trust anyone,” the big man explained. “I lost my best buddy that way. Cute little girl. Red hair. Blew him and herself into little pieces.”

Julia, who had been listening in, said, “So, our contact is to be a woman? I thought it would be a guy the way you talked.”

“The contact’s name is Janice. Doesn’t mean anything. Could be a guy dressed like a woman. You can’t tell, these days.”

Chandler, who assumed that Napoleon meant Mekong by the reference to Delta, decided to shift the subject.

“How is Janice supposed to help us with our campaign?”

“He/she claims to have information on Schumflat that will blow him out of the water.”

“Is this another Swift Boat attack?” Julia wanted to know. “I don’t think we want to make any accusations we can’t back up with the facts.”

Please Note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental__L.C. Frenzel

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  1. Emily Scott says:

    Hey – Just came across your site, and it looks great.

    But can I ask why there’s no video?

    Did you know that businesses using video grow 49% faster than companies without video?

    Here’s an example of what yours could look like:


    410 E Santa Clara Street Unit #817 San Jose CA 95113

    No more video marketing:

    • charles says:

      Mainly because our group uses video as a technical aid in our environmental campaigns. There’s simple no time or desire to produce video for advertising. Thanks for the comment, though. If there was more time or energy to devote to publishing we would.


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