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Nuclear Gnat

Old Daniel wanders from pit to garge bin, from bar to whore, and all the while he dreams, unable to seperate his dream state from reality. In his world of pre-Katrina New Orleans, the TV announcer is Truth Verite, and the metaphor for the bar is the Loin’s Den where prostitutes are likely to be plying their trade.

There are a few samples of notes and prose written during the years that Charles spent living with his wife on their sailboat. From those notes, the poetry was later to emerge as a statement of the essential ambiguity of the New Orleans experience.

Some may find the language and style to be shocking or even disturbing. Like James Joyce, Charles viewed language as a way of mapping experience directly into the reader’s mind. The reader must be the judge of how successful his efforts are, but there is no doubt that much of the work generates the same feeling one gets while walking down the streets of perhaps the most interesting city in the United States.

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